Complaint: UAB doctor used CODA child to interpret serious diagnosis

    The Daily Moth: In December, a Deaf woman from Alabama named Margie “Roxannie” Hutto posted a vlog on Facebook to share her experience of seeing a doctor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham use her CODA daughter as...

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Accessible Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Edward Zwilling July 23, 2022 The U.S. Access Board is the federal agency charged with issuing accessibility guidelines under certain federal laws that prohibit disability discrimination, including the Architectural Barriers Act (ABA), the Americans...

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5 Tips for Starting a Business

Edward ZwillingJan. 11, 2022 If you are a parent with a disability, you may be thinking about starting your own business as a way to provide for your family. This can be a great idea if you approach it thoughtfully and take advantage of all the...

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Making Sense of The Difference in Ada Requirements for Commercial Facilities and Public Accommodation

Edward Zwilling March 19, 2019   Title III of the ADA speaks to requirements for both "commercial facilities" and "public accommodations." The "new construction" and "alterations" standards apply equally...

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ADA Requirements for Hotel and Cruise Ship Reservations

Ed ZwillingMarch 14, 2019 The 2010 amendments to the Americans with Disabilities Act specifically revised the process and obligations for a place of lodging to reserve accessible guest accommodations for individuals with disabilities, as...

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Website Content Accessibility Requirements and The ADA

Ed Zwilling July 29, 2016 Currently there are no rules or regulations from the Department of Justice (DOJ) to give guidance to public accommodations or public entities as to what is required for a website to be considered accessible. In fact, DOJ is...

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Elevators--Where Are They Not Required?

Ed Zwilling March 18, 2016 I've been frequently asked about elevators recently. Not every new construction multi-story building is actually required to have an elevator by the ADA. There are certain exemptions for elevators. The regulation...

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Faces Familiar in Disabilities Act Suits

Linda Satter Jan. 11, 2016 YOUR PREMIUM CONTENT HERE The Americans with Disabilities Act, a law now more than a quarter of a century old, has generated a lot of lawsuits aimed at ensuring compliance with its provisions, and federal courts in...

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Service Animals: Your Rights Are Different at Home, at Work and In Public Accommodations

Ed Zwilling Nov. 19, 2015   The 2010 Amendments to the ADA limited the definition of a service animal. This has caused confusion for housing providers and employers. Keep in mind that Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Fair Housing...

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How to Advocate Effectively

Ed Zwilling Sept. 22, 2015 I'm proud to represent Jean Marie Lawrence of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her recent efforts to bring access to the downtown Chattanooga Post Office are representative of two important topics I'd like to share. The...

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Ticket Sales Requirements

Ed Zwilling Sept. 8, 2015 I've been getting a lot of complaints about this issue lately. Ever tried to buy accessible seating positions for a concert or a sporting event online? Ever get a message that requires you to call for accessible seats or...

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Dog, Gone: Huntsville Employee Can't Bring Anxiety-Relieving Terrier to Work

Steve Doyle Aug. 15, 2015 The Huntsville City Council has denied a city employee's request to bring his dog to work. Richard Fowler claims he needs Rascal, his six-year-old Boston terrier, around him at all times to calm his severe anxiety. He...

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Automatic Door Openers--When Program Access Requirements Exceed New Construction Accessibility Stand

Ed Zwilling April 6, 2015 The interplay between the new construction accessibility standards applicable to both Title II and Title III of the ADA and the program access requirements applicable only to Title II, is fascinating--if you're an...

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What Does "Program Access" Mean?

Edward Zwilling April 6, 2015 I am often asked to explain the difference between the standards applied to determine compliance with Title III of the ADA of a public accommodation, versus those applied to Title II of the ADA with regard to a public...

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Americans with Disabilities Act Lawsuits Against Businesses on The Upswing in Alabama

Kent Faulk, Nov. 23, 2014 BIRMINGHAM, Alabama - A law designed to break down barriers for disabled patrons has led to a flurry of lawsuits around Birmingham. The volume of legal action has made Alabama an outlier among states in the...

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Your Right to Vote: Federal Laws Protecting the Right of People with Disabilities to Vote

Edward Zwilling Oct. 1, 2014 The Department of Justice has issued new technical assistance with regard to the rights of voters with disabilities. This assistance is intended to help election officials, poll workers and voters understand the...

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Tired of Eating Over Your Lap (What Makes a Table Wheelchair Accessible)?

Ed Zwilling Sept. 16, 2014 The criteria that define accessibility for a table are actually quite simple, but are often missed by restaurateurs. These criteria can be found in the current ADA Accessibility Guidelines at Sections 226, 305, 306 and 902,...

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Public Bathrooms Are Required in Alabama

Ed Zwilling July 15, 2014 Question: Can an Alabama business avoid complying with the ADA's mandate to make readily achievable modifications to existing inaccessible toilet rooms, as necessary to make them wheelchair accessible, by designating the...

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Tyler Junior College Sued by Disabled Student for Discrimination

Joel Brakken Feb. 21, 2014 A disabled student is suing Tyler Junior College, asking the court to require them to repair buildings and entrances to adhere to the American with Disabilities Act. Olivia Levoy filed a lawsuit Feb. 14 in the U.S....

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Pathway for Access

Woman’s Lawsuits Target Businesses Where Wheelchair Use Hindered   By Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe / Staff Writer Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe / Staff Writer Denton Record-Chronicle Published: 21 December 2013 11:48 PM Jaime...

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