Transportation Discrimination

Transportation is essential to integration into society, and multiple laws govern the accessibility of travel, depending upon the situation. For example, an individual with a disability who relies on a wheelchair for mobility and is otherwise capable of riding the fixed route bus system still requires that bus stops and connecting sidewalks are wheelchair accessible. If you cannot access the bus due to the lack of curb ramps, I can assist as the ADA requires accessible sidewalks and bus stops as well as accessible features on fixed route buses. Air travel, on the other hand, is covered by the Air Carrier Access Act. Here are some common situations I have assisted with concerning transportation:

  • A bus driver fails to secure a wheelchair and passenger such that the passenger is thrown from her chair during the ride and is injured
  • Bus stops along the fixed route system are no located in wheelchair accessible areas and there is no accessible route to enter or leave the bus stop by wheelchair
  • Fixed route bus drivers routinely fail to stop at bus stops to pick up a wheelchair user
  • When boarding a plane, a passenger is improperly transferred from a wheelchair to an airplane aisle seat and suffers a radial tib-fib fracture in the process (I have seen this on more than one occasion)
  • Airline employees partially disassemble a power wheelchair for a flight and are incapable of reassembling it in working order for the passenger's upon arrival at the final destination

If you find yourself the victim of disability discrimination, whether in a public accommodation, a government program or service, in employment, in your home, in education or in transportation, please contact me so I can be of assistance to you.

In many circumstances, there are administrative agencies that may have concurrent jurisdiction with the courts to help resolve your situation. For example, if your public university is discriminating against you, then you may also be able to file a claim with the Office of Civil Rights of the Department of Education. Similarly, if it's your landlord who is discriminating against you, you may be able to file your claim with the Department of Housing and Urban Development. In certain situations, it may be advantageous to file an administrative complaint in lieu of a private lawsuit. I am happy to discuss your unique situation to determine your options and to advise you accordingly.

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