Slip & Fall Accidents

Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident in Birmingham, AL?

Attorney Zwilling can advise you of your rights

Unsafe property conditions can contribute to all kinds of injuries. If your attorney can prove that the property owner knew about the hazard but neglected to do anything about it, you could receive substantial compensation.

The Law Office of Edward I. Zwilling advocates for victims of slip and fall accidents in Birmingham, AL. Call 205-822-2701 now to learn more about our personal injury legal services.

Talk to attorney Zwilling before you contact your insurance company

Insurance companies tend to offer low settlements to victims of slip and fall accidents. Don't risk settling for less than you deserve - get legal services from a personal injury attorney who has a proven track record.

Arrange a meeting with attorney Zwilling so you can discuss the conditions leading up to the accident, such as...
  • The presence or lack of adequate warnings about the safety hazard
  • Whether the weather was a contributing factor
  • The type of shoes you were wearing

Attorney Zwilling will leave no stone unturned when gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses. Contact our law office in Birmingham, AL today to start building your case.

Why should you seek compensation?

After a slip-and-fall accident or other injury, you'll be more focused on your recovery than any legal proceedings. However, it's important to pursue personal injury legal services. With the aid of an attorney, you can seek compensation in order to:

  • Cover potential medical bills
  • Account for potential lost wages while you're injured
  • Obtain justice for the pain, suffering and emotional distress you went through

Attorney Zwilling has been providing personal injury legal services for over 30 years and will be glad to represent you. If you have any questions about what to do after a slip-and-fall accident, speak with him today.

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