Case Results

Vaccine Injury

Client received a seasonal flu vaccine at her local pharmacy. Within 48 hours of her vaccination, Client began to feel increasing pain in her shoulder and decreasing range of motion. Client was diagnosed with adhesive capsulitis, a typical SIRVA (Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration) diagnosis.

Mr. Zwilling recovered $72,627.13.

Disability Discrimination

Client relies on a wheelchair for mobility and is an avid concert goer. She found her view to the stage from the designated accessible seating positions at the local performance center was obstructed by standing spectators in front of her.

Mr. Zwilling helped her enforce the ADA resulting in new accessible seating positions with unobstructed lines of sight to the stage.

Vaccine Injury

Client's husband was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome shortly after receiving a flu vaccine. Client's husband was hospitalized within 24 hours of the vaccine and died approximately 17 days after his vaccination.

Mr. Zwilling recovered $325,000.

Disability Discrimination

Client relies on a wheelchair for mobility and was unable to accompany her family to ball games at the local parks due to the lack of accessible parking and the lack of accessible routes and accessible seating.

Mr. Zwilling helped her enforce the ADA by requiring removal of barriers at all of her local parks.

Personal Injury

The client relied on a motorized wheelchair for mobility as a result of quadriplegia. She relied on local paratransit services operated by a local government authority. When a paratransit driver failed to properly secure the client and her wheelchair within the paratransit van, the client was thrown from her chair and sustained personal injuries.

Mr. Zwilling recovered the statutory damage cap of $300,000.

Disability Discrimination

Client with physical disabilities was moved from a job he could perform and required to perform a job that caused him pain. When client complained, he was given an ultimatum to either do the job he was given or leave.

Mr. Zwilling recovered $32,500 in damages due to employer's failure to engage in an interactive process to determine appropriate reasonable accommodations.

Vaccine Injury

Client's daughter received the DTaP vaccine and stopped breathing. Client's daughter was determined to have suffered cardiorespiratory failure as a result of a reaction to the DTaP vaccine. Client's daughter was diagnosed with anoxic brain damage with developmental delays.

Mr. Zwilling recovered lump-sum damages of $941,407.11 for year one following the judgment, along with an annuity purchased to fund a life-care plan through the life expectancy of Client's daughter.

Personal Injury

Client with a compromised immune system consumed raw oysters and became infected with vibrio vulnificus ("flesh eating bacteria") that required hospitalization.

Mr. Zwilling recovered $105,000 by arguing that the warning provided was insufficient to alert the Client of the risk to him.

Disability Discrimination

Client is deaf and was denied an interpreter for the deaf at a local hospital.

Mr. Zwilling recovered $30,000 in damages for disability discrimination and wrote an effective communication policy for the hospital as part of the settlement.

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