Housing Discrimination

The Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in covered multi-family dwellings. If your landlord refuses to make reasonable modifications to polices and procedures necessary for you to enjoy your dwelling, I can assist you. Similarly, if your apartment was constructed after March 13, 1991, it was required to have been constructed in manner that is readily adaptable to provide access to a wheelchair user. If you believe your apartment is not so constructed, or if your landlord refuses to allow you to make modifications necessary for you to use and enjoy your dwelling, I can help. Here are some situations I have seen in the past:

  • A Landlord periodically charges a tenant with a disability for damage to her apartment caused by her wheelchair in ordinary daily use
  • A Landlord refuses to rent to a tenant with an assistance animal (both service animals and emotional support animals are protected by the Fair Housing Act)
  • The common areas at an apartment complex such as the rental office, the laundry room, the swimming pool, the trash dumpsters and the mailboxes are not located along an accessible route
  • Ground floor apartments have no on-grade, accessible entrance but have a step or steps to enter

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